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How to Find Inspiration – the Four Seasons

In a recent Twitter poll, fall was voted the best season. No surprise really, people get excited about fall. With crisp weather, pumpkin pie spice, and autumn leaves, there is an undeniable romance around fall. With the routines of fall approaching, it seemed like a good time to explore how to find inspiration from the four seasons.

The Four Seasons

Throughout history, great creatives have used the seasons as inspiration. In music, the classic example would be Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. There are many seasonal quotes both in modern and classical literature.

For creators, especially those without ideas, the seasons can inspire a series of paintings, stories, or sculptures. You can be inspired by the seasons no matter what medium you use.

Winter scene - inspiration of the four seasons

Different Perspectives

Those of us in the northern and southern hemispheres are lucky to be able to experience the four seasons. However, in other parts of the world near the equator, there are only two seasons – the dry season and the wet season. These two seasons can also inspire great art.

The colors of nature’s palette and the different textural sights and sounds that the seasons afford us provide rich inspiration. It is interesting to find new ways to interpret the seasons with different visual language, media, or perspectives.

summer field - inspiration of the four seasons


It isn’t just visually that the seasons can inspire us. The seasons echo the circle of life. In spring is all about the young, there is a rebirth. Then, in summer we are in the carefree days of our youth. Fall symbolizes the abundance of harvest, wisdom, and glory of age. Finally, the cold death of winter completes the cycle.

Although society values youth, which is symbolized by spring, it is fall that is the favorite season. Perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to hold onto youth after all. There are positive aspects of all of the seasons of life.

The change and transition between the seasons can also be exciting and breathe fresh air into our everyday lives. Transitions are symbolic in and of themselves are an interesting subject to explore.

spring buds - inspiration of the four seasons

How to find Inspiration

What do you think?

What is your favorite season? Did you agree with the majority that fall is best? If you live near the equator, do you prefer the dry or the wet season?

How do you find inspiration from the seasons?

6 thoughts on “How to Find Inspiration – the Four Seasons”

  1. I am a November baby, for that reason the autumn has to be my favourite season without a doubt!

    Words cannot describe, it’s amazing not being too cold or warm during those autumnal days.


  2. My favorite season is Spring. Something about getting my floral dresses out and planning outdoor activities after winter is something I always look forward too. I find inspiration each season by listening to new music and seeing how much my playlist changes throughout the year.

  3. I love this! Each season inspires me in different ways, its hard to choose a favorite! I’ve always loved summer and fall though! Thanks for sharing!

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