Embroidery – 30 Day Project Update

30-Day Project Progress Report

This is an update on July’s personal development 30-day project. This month I’m working on improving embroidery skills. Past projects included setting up a morning routine and starting this website.

If you would like to read the original post on 30-day personal development projects you can find it here: https://zinzoecreative.com/2020/06/20/personal-development-project/

The 30-day project can be used not just to work on a new project but to complete an old one. In the preparation period before this 30-day project, I opened up my “embroidery shoebox” and discovered two unfinished embroidery projects. This wasn’t part of the plan. I intended to start a completely new project, setting up an embroidery hoop and filling it with practice leaves and flowers. When I realized I still had these unfinished projects, I decided to finish one of them instead.

Deciding whether or not to complete a project is part of the creative process. I don’t know if everyone else worries about whether they are a “quitter” every time they don’t finish something. When is not finishing something smart and when is it giving up? I think you have to decide whether the end result will be worth the time it takes to finish. If not, it may be that you can take what you learned and apply it to your next project.

One of the things I love about the 30-day method is that you are making a small promise to yourself each day to do something for you and fulfilling it. There is no pressure or need to show off to anyone other than yourself. If you miss a day, don’t give up. Just keep going the next day, maybe doing a little bit more if you have the energy.

Starting Point – 30 Day Project

Embroidery Vintage Rose 30 Day Project Starting Point
Starting point! As you can see only the leaves are partially stitched.

I bought this kit at an Etsy shop a few years ago. Unfortunately, that shop is no longer in operation. The seller – Celandine – does however have a beautiful portfolio of work online. In case anyone is interested in checking out her amazing illustration work, the link to her portfolio is below.


I found the kit to be easy to follow. I do know the basics of embroidery, but I am no expert. I’m happy with my results so far although the example picture provided with the kit displayed much tidier stitching.

Midway Point

Embroidery Vintage Rose 30 Day Project
Progress to July 15, 2020 – Still need to finish the petals and add some beading

Obviously this is not a huge project and an experienced artisan could probably whip this up in a day. The point of this project was to practice. It is difficult, if not impossible, to improve without deliberate practice. 15 minutes a day is all I can spare to work on this particular project and that is just fine.

This smaller 30-day project illustrates that everything you do doesn’t need to be a huge undertaking. Small building blocks over time become mighty castles. What might be easy for someone else, isn’t necessarily right for you. Grow where you are planted. In other words, begin at the level that feels right and work towards your target. Everyone starts somewhere!

Completed 30 Day Project

Project Completed – July 30, 2020

I think it is important to point out that you don’t need to do a 30-day project again immediately after finishing one. This is a method you can use to get things done, but there is no need to set up projects back-to-back. Too many projects without a break can lead to burnout. Remember to let yourself rest (yes, I am reminding myself too!).

Have you tried a 30-day project? If so, let me know how it went.

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