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Creative ideas you can plan now for Fall 2020

Its time to get ready for a new season of creativity. This article contains some creative ideas for fall 2020.

Even if it has been a while since you were in school, there is something about fall that feels like a fresh start. A time to buckle down and get to work with the sense of starting something exciting and new.

I’m sharing my plans for fall 2020 here in hopes that they will spark some inspiration for you as well. If the feedback is positive, I’ll continue to feature posts such as this seasonally on Zin Zoe Creative.


Inktober – October

One of the most popular is Inktober. Every September 1 – Jake Parker, the creator of Inktober, releases the prompts for the current year’s Inktober. The idea is to draw every single day in October, using ink to practice your drawing skills. The theory is that the practice helps your art to improve and the community keeps you accountable in a fun and supportive way.

The reason the prompt list is released in September even though the challenge runs in October is so you can have a month to plan and get ready to draw.

Click Here for a link to the official Inktober 2020 prompt list.

On top of the prompt, some people choose to theme their drawings so that, for example, each drawing contains a bear or flowers, or is done in a specific style. At the end of the month, they will have an entire body of work.

Many people share their drawings daily on Instagram. I think it is a personal choice whether or not you like to share, but I will be doing so this year. If you would like to follow along with me my instatag is:

I usually use Micron pens for my pen and ink drawings, and they are great (link below). But, this year I’ve I’m trying these Arteza pens from Amazon. I’ll update this post with my opinion on them later on once I’ve had a chance to try them out.

NaNoWriMo – November

This challenge is for writers and everyone who has ever wanted to write a book.

The idea is to write an entire 50,000 word novel in the month of November. Crazy? Yes. Realistic? Barely. Possible? Yes! People can and have done this.

Click here to visit the official NANOWriMo site.

The official site has lots of resources so that you can plan and prep beforehand and meet up with other writers for support.

I’m going to try this for the second time this year, attempting to finish an old work-in-progress.


If none of the above challenges appeal to you, you may want to try out your own 30-day project. My article on this topic contains lots of ideas and a framework to get you started.

Click here to read Personal Development Project – the 30-Day Method


I’ve ordered a couple of inexpensive books for fall.

The first is a Halloween adult coloring book. Traditional Halloween trick or treating is a bit of a wash this year due to the coronavirus. I was looking for something else to do, either on my own or with the kids.

This coloring book seemed like a relaxing and fun idea to work on together while eating candy. I’ve ordered it, but have not received it yet. I will have to update this post once I’ve tried it out.

Nice Little Town – Halloween Adult Coloring Book

One thing I really believe in is using crafts to make things that are useful. Having beautiful things that are functional and can be given as gifts is a double win. With that in mind, I ordered this book on how to knit my own dishcloths.

More than a Dozen Dishclothes

Miscellaneous ideas for fall 2020

Having balance in your life helps you have more energy to be creative.

An ongoing struggle with energy levels led a friend to recommend taking a multivitamin. I’m a child when it comes to taking pills so I hesitated until my friend reminded me about gummy vitamins.

I’ve been taking them for a month now and I have noticed a definite positive change. Of course, it could be a placebo effect, I am not a doctor or an expert in wellness. The gummies are so delicious it is like eating candy instead of a vitamin. I think this is the first time I have managed to finish a bottle of vitamins in my life.

Shown here are the vitamins I’ve been taking. There is also a version for men. In case you are interested, here is an affiliate link to my Amazon shop.

Vitafusion gummy vitamins

With my newfound energy, I’ve started 3 day a week exercise routine using an app called “Just Run”. The idea is that you can work from a low fitness level up to a 5K run. I’m currently on week 3 and I love it.

Running in a local field has been a great way to get out during COVID. I really like the “Just Run” app because I can set it and listen to an audiobook from the library while I run. The app continues in the background telling me when to run and when to walk at appropriate intervals. If running doesn’t appeal to you walking is also a great way to stay active.

I have no affiliation with the app, I just like it and I’m sure you can find it on your Google Play or Apple store easily. As with any exercise program, consult with your doctor if it is appropriate for you.

What are your plans for this fall 2020? Feel free to share in the comments.

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