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Best Watercolor Tutorials

The best watercolor tutorials found on the web are listed below. These were not chosen at random. I’ve personally tested all of these watercolor tutorials with good results.

These watercolor teachers offer great free watercolor lessons. If you are interested and enjoy their style, some also offer paid content or classes. None of the tutorials listed below are sponsored or affiliate links. The aim of this article is to save you time searching around for good tutorials on your own.

In addition, although all of these will be fun for anyone interested in watercolor, they have been broken out into lessons that are suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels.

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Best Watercolor Tutorials

The best thing about painting with watercolor is the unique nature of the paint. Water, paper, and paint blend together in unexpected ways. As a result, no two watercolors are exactly the same.

In terms of time, watercolor is a great creative outlet. A small painting, for example, can be done in a few hours. By following online watercolor tutorials you can raise your skills in no time. The supplies needed to start are not expensive. For even less money, you can often find barely used paint and brushes at a local thrift store.

Best Beginner Watercolor Tutorials:

These tutorials will help you to have success very quickly. The tutorials in this section are simple and easy to follow.


Makoccino’s popular video tutorials will help you to create impressive paintings worth sharing right from the start. Your friends and family will ask you how you improved so quickly!

To check out Makoccino click here.

Best Intermediate Watercolor Tutorials:

These intermediate tutorials are a bit more challenging. These lessons are suitable for people with some experience. They are also great for people who are trying to get back into painting after a long break.

Kristy Partridge Art

Kristy makes video tutorials geared to all skill levels. Her techniques will help you take your art to the next level. She really focuses on the small things that will take you from a beginner to a pro. Further, as a drawing teacher, Kristy is also an excellent resource for improving your drawing skills.

To check out Kristy Partridge click here.

Draw with Shiba

The “Draw” part in the name of his channel is a little misleading, as Shiba’s channel is full of watercolor tutorials. Shiba has a clean and professional style. With his talent, he deserves to have more subscribers. For an intermediate-level painter, his lessons offer a challenge. In addition, with a new tutorial posted each week, there are many different tutorials to choose from.

To check Draw with Shiba out click here.

Best Advanced Watercolor Tutorials:

These tutorials are for serious watercolorists. All of the art teachers listed in this article are amazing artists. However, these teachers discuss complex techniques that will be of interest to advanced students.

Mind of Watercolor

Steve Mitchell at Mind of Watercolor has been a pro designer and illustrator for 30+ years. Now, on his channel, Steve has returned to his fine art roots. He shares advanced tips and tricks in a quick, easy-to-digest fashion.

To check out Mind of Watercolor click here.

Have I missed anyone great? I’m sure I have! Please let me know if there is someone else that should be included. Contact me in the comments or send me an email at erin@zinzoecreative.com

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