About Zin Zoe Creative

In 2020, I gave up my office job and am now a freelance writer. Zin Zoe Creative is my side-project and also a bit of a portfolio. Created, written, and maintained to showcase my writing and art, Zin Zoe Creative is an umbrella for my work.

I love planning, organizing, and creating routines and processes. Because of this, many of the posts on this website are about productivity. More specifically, I’m interested in how we can be more productive, while still achieving balance.

Content that you may find on this site:

  • motivation and personal development articles;
  • book reviews and other recommendations;
  • art-related topics; and
  • productivity and motivation articles.

If you are interested in working with me or being featured on my site, you can write to me, Erin at Erin@zinzoecreative.com or here. Although I spend much of my time on writing and illustration, I am currently available to ghostwrite articles on a variety of topics.